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Operational support

Premier Aviation offers operational support is 24-hours for 365 days of the year. Our staff are experienced in all areas of helicopter operations and will assist with any enquiry. Operational support from Premier Aviation, however, extends far beyond being available on the end of a telephone day and night.

Flight Crew Provision

Premier Aviation has a team of highly skilled and experienced pilots. Their extensive experience and many hours flying different helicopter types means it is likely their expertise can be put to good use flying our customers' aircraft.

Premier Aviation can also source crew for aircraft types outside of our pilots' areas of expertise. With extensive contacts throughout the industry we will know someone with experience on type and would be happy to liaise on behalf of a customer.

Maintenance planning

Planning is key. Maintenance cannot be ignored but neither can the flying requirements of the aircraft owner. When maintenance is not planned aircraft can be grounded causing massive inconvenience. So maintenance, carefully planned in advance, anticipating the flying hours of the helicopter by knowing the day to day usage of the aircraft inside out, keeps all parties happy.

Premier Aviation has been operating helicopters for twelve years and knows how important it is to keep aircraft downtime to a minimum by ensuring maintenance is planned in a timely, convenient manner for the operation. For any helicopter managed by us we make it our priority to understand the aircraft's operational commitments, whether they be seasonal or a strict monthly routine and plan maintenance inputs in advance best to suit all aspects of the operation.

Regulatory compliance

Operating a helicopter can be a minefield of paperwork right from the word go. From customs clearance when an aircraft first arrives in Ireland to VAT issues and registration documents; not knowing what to expect and how to deal with it can cause serious issues.

As part of our helicopter management service we can either advise on or take total control of regulatory compliance from the outset. We enjoy good relationships with regulatory authorities and have experience with dealing with such bodies in other countries too.

Our approach is not to fire fight. We know when to expect renewals and manual updates so nothing is a surprise. Anticipating and advising our customers of any potential problem areas is key to the success of this area of our service.


Premier Aviation has a comprehensive fleet insurance policy. An aircraft managed fully by Premier Aviation would have the option of being placed on our fleet policy. Placing an aircraft on our fleet insurance may result in a reduced insurance premium compared to a single aircraft policy and is therefore an added benefit of our service.

We would be happy to discuss the cover offered by our insurers and how this could benefit your operation.